DH2 anyone???

Vic Annas (vganna01@engr.uky.edu)
Thu, 22 Dec 94 15:55:15 -0500

Hi Gang, Does anyone have an Smer DH2 AKA Aroura DH2 that they
might want to sell? I can't seem to find one anywhere. I saw a blurb
last year in a Squadron sale mailing that had bagged kits selling for
$2.50 U.S. This is the only DH2 that I've seen in 1/48. Is there a
better kit out there?

Another question. Does anyone know the correct color to use
on the undersides of the Albatross DIII and Fokker DrI? I've never
found an exact color spec for this blue. Most of the sources that I've
read suggest light blue. Though this sounds great, there are several
light blues to choose from. Up to this point I've matched my colors to
some of the info in older publications. I'd like to base it on more
up to date information.

A neat idea for a future FAQ would be a WWI color reference
guide. Something along the lines of the Klaus book for WWII colors.
I have never seen such a beast for the WWI folks, but it would be very
helpful. If its out there I'd like to see it =)
Got to run..