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John P. Roll (
Tue, 20 Dec 94 22:09:46 -0500

> Yeah, y'know that reminds me... Does anyone know this guy? Name's Steve
> Hustead, or some such. His models looked great, and were in my very own
> favorite 1/72 scale. One of his kits (I think it was a Lloyd C.I or II?)
> showed *magnificent* weathering-- definitely Championship grade! All featured
> excellent detail and finish. I was VERY impressed.
> So, if this guy has a computer, or access to one, I'd say we could use
> him on here.

Hi All!

Yeah, I know Steve real well. I just got off of the phone with him, in fact
(BEFORE I read my mail). His name is Steve HUSTAD. Great guy. Very
obsessive-compulsive. Just like most of us, when you stop to think about it...

I shared a room with him at the IPMS nationals this year and will be doing the
same with him next year. This year he won the Mike Fritz award for the most
outstanding WWI aircraft with an Aviatik B.II. BTW, an interesting thing that I
did not know about this award. Once you win it, you are no longer eligible. In
addition, you are expected to judge for the award in the future.

Steve is an architect with the Postal Service and currently lives in Kansas City
Kansas. He moved there from Minneapolis (where I'm from) a couple of years ago.
He does not own a computer (yet). I have been trying to convince him to
purchase one for a while. Even when he does purchase one, he will likely not
connect to the 'net for quite a while. He's kindof a tight-wad. ;-)

He will be coming up here on business and stopping in at my place for a couple
of hours on (probably) the 11th of January. If there is anything that you would
like to ask him, e-mail me and I will try to get to write his responses and post
them. He is probably one of the best modelers I know. That's saying a lot:o
For those who have heard of him, Bob Steinbrunn is in my local club. I think
Steve is at least as good. And his output is certainly greater!

Steve has just completed a resin kit: It's a Lloyd C.V from Plum Blossom
Productions. He reviewed it for FSM. The review should be published in a few

Steve has such an effect on me that he got this die-hard German WWII fan
interested in WWI German stuff. Just what I need - another thing to spend money
on! He is giving me advice on my first WWI project however - an Albatros DIII.
After that - who knows??

Happy Modeling!
John Roll IPMS #9197