Administrative change!

Allan Wright (
Mon, 19 Dec 94 09:14:27 -0800

Hello Modelers,

Due to a change in the network here at UNH the WWI modeling
mailing list address will be changing to:
(Note the new .sr) I will have network aliases set up for a month
or so from to so that the mailing
list will work the old way while you all change your mailers. Please
do so A.S.A.P. as I do not know how long my old address will work.
I hope that this does not cause any undue hardship to anyone on
the list.
The WWI modeling mailing list mosaic page and gopher site will
also be moving to making its URL the following:

Thanks and happy hollidays,
Allan Wright - Mailing list administrator.

P.S. Don't forget that I will be out of the office Dec. 26-30 for holliday
shutdown. All administrative changes requested during that week will
have to wait until next year :-)