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JB>>I have been to the National Aeronautical Collection (as its now
JB>called) >many times. When was the last time you were there? They
JB>closed down >and built a new building to house the collection and
JB>re-opened in 1988 I >think. The old museum was a bunch of old WWII
JB>era hangers with a bunch >of airplanes inside. Its now housed in a
JB>>of airplanes new large building with many depicted in simple
JB>scenarios; I was quite impressed and >pleased with the new museum.

JB>Hi Graham,

JB>I picked this up of WWI-L. Are you speaking of the Smithsonian's
JB>National Air and Space Museum? Or is the collectiom you are refering
JB>to a seperate collection?

JB>Enquiring minds want to know :)


JB>- Joe Boeke
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The museum I refer to is the Canadian Aeronautical Collection and is in
no way connected to the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum.
Although the two museums probably exchange info on a professional basis.

I guess in my original post I should have better identified that to do
which I was referring.

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