Re: Next Christmas' Wish List?

Brian Bushe (
16 Dec 1994 09:11:31 +0000

Hello all,

This is a follow up to a mail I sent early last week that either
didn't get through, or got through three times, as I got three
messages. Every thing seems ok now!

Mick covered most of it but I have the UK release dates:

Pfalz DIII April 95

Sopwith Baby Out now!!! Looks good too, with lots of plastic

Morane-Saulnier Type L
Febuary 95

Morane-Saulnier Type N
Febuary 95

Hannoveraner CLIIIa
January 95

Albatros CIII
January 95

And in 1/72

Fokker e.V/d.VIII
May 95

Voison LA.III July 95

In the words of the immortal Mick

> Looks like it's going to be a good year.

in fact, something for everyone!

Ho. ho, ho