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> Tom's supply a decal sheet now? Since when?
> Yes, in their new kit. Made by SUperscale if I remember
> correctly.

News to me, mate! They never used to. Good to see.
> Tom's will stop making 1/48 vacuforms this year.
> They plan to produce a series of 1/48 scale resin kits
> including.....a Pfalz D XII, a Pfalz D IIIa, and an
> Albatros DVa.

Aha! So that's the plot. Does that mean I've got one of their now rare
vac-form DXIIs.
It'll be interesting to see their new kits, but I guess the prices
will hike accordingly.
Eduard's planned releases look good: an Albatros CIII, amongst
other thing. I'll post them to the list later.
> If I can remember I will bring the announcement that came
> with the kit in and post the other planned kits.

What a splendid idea!

Speaking as we were of Fokker DIVs, it appears that they were
something of a dud: they were only issued to one Jasta, 80b, which was
remarkable only for its conspicuous lack of success, and its high breakdown
Camo seems to be either olive green or lozenge. Table of weights is
stencilled in the normal position as for DrIs, i.e. port side underneath
the cockpit coaming, from a point slightly foreward of it, to a point
directly under its middle.
There's a good double-page title spread in "Fokker fighters of
World War One">

Hope that helps,


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