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Your welcome! Glad to help!

> The other Dr.I, always
>in various shades of red, has a Clerget-- reason, I believe, that they
>usually fly the Warner-machine...

Ahh! I have never seen both Dr1's. The two years I have been there ('93 & '94)
the only Dr1 around was the Warner. The paint job bythe way was apparently
completed earlier this year! Got some great photos for my soon-to-be 1/6th

I know for a long ime Cole would not fly an all red Dr1. He thought to highly
of Von Richtofen to fly a replica of his plane. Hence it's yellow color for
many years. Once he painted it red, he put Voss' "face" on the cowel.

>> The new Rhinebeck Foundation hanger houses some incredible aircraft. A really
>> large Voisin (sp?) for the early 1900's is especially nice. Too bad they
>> gav their SPAD XIII to the Af Museum.
> No doubt. One of my favorite spots, anyhow. The aerodrome's a brilliant

I certainly have enjoyed my two trips there! Though the trek up th hill can be
tough after a loonngggg night!

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