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Erik Pilawskii (
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 16:04:58 -0800 (PST)

Right. The Dr.I painted like Voss' has a Warner. BTW, thanks for correcting
me: the N.11 does actually have an 80 hp. Rhone! The other Dr.I, always
in various shades of red, has a Clerget-- reason, I believe, that they
usually fly the Warner-machine...

> It is a really spectacular trip. I was watching the video I shot last September.
> All this talk of rotaries and I needed a "fix". The difference between the
> 80hp in the N-11 and the 160hp in Brian Coughlin's D-VIII is amazing. Especially
> in the volume!
> The new Rhinebeck Foundation hanger houses some incredible aircraft. A really
> large Voisin (sp?) for the early 1900's is especially nice. Too bad they
> gav their SPAD XIII to the Af Museum.

No doubt. One of my favorite spots, anyhow. The aerodrome's a brilliant
"The Heavens were the grandstands, and only the Gods were spectators. The
stake was the World. The forfeit was the Player's place at the table; and
the Game had no recess. It was the most dangerous of all sports-- and the
most fascinating. It got in the blood like wine. It aged men 40 years in
40 days; it ruined nervous systems in an hour. It was a fast game-- the
average life of a pilot at the Front was 48 hours. And, to many, it
seemed an Age....
Elliot White Springs, WWI ace