Boelke and Jasta 2

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Vic, Al and Michael,

This the result of last night's homework 80)

The following is a list of aircraft known to have been flown by
Oswald Boelke:

Fok EI E3/15
EI E13/15
EII E37/15
EIV 174/16
Fok DIII 352/16
Alb DII 386/16 [in which he was killed]

There is no record of his having flown Alb. DI 526/16, although it's
highly likely that he did.
The Fokker DIII to which you refer, Michael, is then 352/16.
I can't find any mention of him having flown a Fokker EIII>

Concerning the six aircraft in the photo you mention, and your
quote from Lamberton [p. 108], Al:
He doesn't say if the aircraft are Dis or DIIs, but from the
photo dated [mid-]September 1916 (referred to by Michael S,), I think we
can safely conclude that they were the DIs referred to [by implication] by
Lamberton. The first DI in service was 426/16 with JAsta 2, and was followed
immediately by five more *of the same type*. This is the group of aircraft
referred to by Lamberton and caught in the photo.
Production of the DII had already bbegun before the DI entered service
and one DII was reported to be in squadron service in mid-September.
Boelke was killed on October 28th [1916] flying DII 386/16.

The markings to which you refer, Michael, i.e. the Eisernes Kreuz
on the white background, was used from 1914 to June 1916.

If I've forgotten anything, let me know.



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