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Douglas R. Jones (
Wed, 07 Dec 1994 16:03:02 -0600

I thought that their Dr1 was sporting a Warner 120. Flies nice and has
a really nice new paint job. Much more of a Voss look than before, I think.
I'll have to check my photos that I took in September.

>sadly I have yet to go to Rheinbeck but hope to some day.

It is a really spectacular trip. I was watching the video I shot last September.
All this talk of rotaries and I needed a "fix". The difference between the
80hp in the N-11 and the 160hp in Brian Coughlin's D-VIII is amazing. Especially
in the volume!

The new Rhinebeck Foundation hanger houses some incredible aircraft. A really
large Voisin (sp?) for the early 1900's is especially nice. Too bad they
gav their SPAD XIII to the Af Museum.

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