Halberstadt Cl - IIa

Wed, 07 Dec 94 09:08:08 -0500

Color Methuen FS Xtracolor
Rot. 10B8 21140 X217
Grey Purple 12E4 20061 X807
Khaki Brown 4F8 23070 X241
Dark Green 26F4 24077 X110
Prussian Blue 20F6 25051 X122
Dark Grey 24F3 25045 X121
Brick Red 8d7 20152 N/A

Ok, I use and have a vast collection of Humbrol, which does not appear in this
table. I am not a fanatic on exact colors and could probably take a guess on a
good Humbrol match, although I have no idea what "Rot." is, but I was hoping
that someone might have a conversion to what the real Humbrol equivelants are
and what the 6 color mottle looks like.

On the otherhand I have a nice drawing of a Cl II in the Munson Fighter book
that uses a 5 color pattern on the fuselage and if desparate I might use that.