Fighter Aircraft of the 1914-1918 War

Allan Wright (
Wed, 7 Dec 94 08:26:49 -0800

Erik Asks:
> Allan, is this book still in print? Could you send me the ISBN and
>author info-- sounds like a goodie!

It is indeed a goodie, each plane has 2 pages. One page has 5 B+W
photos and text on it - the other a GOOD set of 1/72 three view
drawings. I consider it the prize of my collection. Here's the info:

"Fighter Aircraft of the 1914-1918 War"
W.M. Lamberton - Edited by E.F. Cheesman
First Published Summer 1960
(c) 1964 by Harleyford Publications Limited
Letchworth, HERTS

Published in the USA by
Aero Publishers, Inc.
329 Aviation Rd., Fallbrook, CA

Library of congress Card No: 60-11220
No ISBN Given

If anyone finds a source for this book let me know. I have a friend that
would absolutely KILL for a copy. He has mine almost as much as I