Re: Jasta 2

Allan Wright (
Tue, 6 Dec 94 13:49:11 -0800

Vic says:
>Al, I tend to agree with Mick. I recall reading that some DI's
did make it to the front.

Ah yes, I shall remove my foot from my mouth - upon checking my
references, I find in "Fighter Aircraft of the 1914-1918 War" (An
excellent reference by W.M. Lamberton published by
Harleyford Publications LTD. a reference to the particular machines
you were referring to, and I quote:

"On September 17th, 1916, Hauptmann Boelcke led the picked
pilots of Jasta 2 into action with great success." Referring to their
change of success after receiving the new D-Is. Also is a picture of
a D-I with the caption: "D-I 391/16 (Leut. Buttner, Jasta Boelcke)
captured by the British 1.12.16"

Looks like I have revived the Red-Face Award again!