Jasta 2 @ Bertincourt

Tue, 6 Dec 1994 13:06:45 -0500

Thanks for checking your sources about the location of Jasta 2 during August
and September of 1916.
It would appear that the majority of sources (whom cite specifics) put Jasta
2 at Bertincourt in late August/early September. I find this plausable in as
much as Berticourt was also used by the British as an airfield later in the
The move north, up the road about 3 miles, to Lagnicourt makes sense. I did
not know about the shelling of the airfield on 22 Sept., but since the
British were pushing the front back all along that area south and west of
Bapaume, a move a bit farther north makes sense.
Franks' Above the Lines, mentions Ja 2 moving to Velu on 27 August. This
seems curious since Velu is less than a mile up the road (north, toward
Lagnicourt). It would seem quite impractical to take down, move and set up an
airbase for less than a mile difference. Could the actual airfield have been
between the towns and Hauptman Boelcke moved his "headquarters" to the
smaller town of Velu? Does anyone know just where the airfield was, relative
to the town?
I have read that the British used Bertincourt as a base about a year later
(fall of 1917). Does anyone have references to where the British put their
planes? <perhaps the same spot appealed to both sides> Any references to
where the men ate and slept?
Thanks again for the research.

-- Micheal S.