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Guy Fawcett (
Tue, 06 Dec 1994 08:52:24 -0600 (MDT)

>Thanks for all that info about the rotary engines, etc. Fascinating
>stuff. How did your non rotary engine plane models fly, for example >the
Jenny? I had a look in the archives of the RFC Canada training >squadrons in
Texas (winter 1917-1918) where my father took his first >lessons, and the
number of flyng accidents was horrendous. It seems >as if it cost at least one
Jenny to train one pilot, maybe more. It cost >a lot of pilot trainees too, and

The main cause of Jenny crashes was really pilot error (and an engine that was
difficult to maintain for any length of time in a running condition).
Aerodynamics was a little understood science at the turn of the century and
pilots learned mainly by trial and error. Good and bad habits were passed from
tutor to student and alot of instructors may not have understood how to teach.
As far as the model Jenny goes the power plant my friend Ray has installed is
the OS 120 4 stroke which if run at full throttle over powers the Jenny when
flying the plane I normally fly at 1/2 throttle or less to make the plane
behave more scale like. The Jenny is a lady to fly and behaves beautifully.
It will spin if forced to but recovery simply
requires the controls to be centered.

> What did you power your models with? and were those power >plants, in scale
terms, of similar power to the originals, or is it difficult >to estimate?

The Bristol F2B mounts a Super Tigre 2500 (1.5 Cu in) glow 2 stroke and flys
scale like at 3/4 throttle. The plane is a joy to land and take off but a bear
in the air with each move having to be well thought out in advance.

The Nieuport mounts the same ST 2500 and I only had three flights on it before
it was severly dammaged (under repair) really spritely in the air but hard to
control on the ground.

The Fokker DVIII was powered by a ASTRO 90 electric motor and was overweight
resulting in a tendancy to snap roll a the slightest G load.
Very hard to land well.

>Now my second question is
>this: is this message from you, about the rotary engines etc. a direct
>E-mail to me or did it get to me through the mailing list. I hope it was
>the mailing list because I am sure that your comments were valuable >to others
as well as myself.

In the case of my message I ended up sending it to both you and the list.

>PS. By the way, where are you located in real space?

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Tally ho