Re: planes and stuff
Mon, 5 Dec 1994 15:28:52 -0800


Thanks for all that info about the rotary engines, etc. Fascinating
stuff. How did your non rotary engine plane models fly, for example the
Jenny? I had a look in the archives of the RFC Canada training squadrons in
Texas (winter 1917-1918) where my father took his first lessons, and the
number of flyng accidents was horrendous. It seems as if it cost at least
one Jenny to train one pilot, maybe more. It cost a lot of pilot trainees
too, and instructors. What did you power your models with? and were those
power plants, in scale terms, of similar power to the originals, or is it
difficult to estimate?

I have another question about the mailing list. When I sent my reply to
Graham Collins original insights into the rotary engines to I got a message back that the mailing had been
rejected and that the address was unknown, yet you seem to have received it
anyway. That is a good sign. Maybe I should just post my messages to the
group that way and ignor the rejection notices. Now my second question is
this: is this message from you, about the rotary engines etc. a direct
E-mail to me or did it get to me through the mailing list. I hope it was
the mailing list because I am sure that your comments were valuable to
others as well as myself.

In any case I am going to try to post this reply to the group and see what
happens. I guess I will come to understand the workings of the list as I
get more familiar with it.


PS. By the way, where are you located in real space?