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Douglas R. Jones (
Mon, 05 Dec 1994 09:23:19 -0600

Thanks for the words to the song. I think it is important to remember that
these machines we hold in such high interest were designed for one thing and
one thing only. Sometimes we forget. Someone much more eloquent than I spoke
of this in the last issue of WWI Aero!

As for rotary engines once you here one you will never forget the sound!
Having had the privelage of attending the Mid-Hudson R/C Society Jamboree
the last two years I have the opportunity to enjoy both original and exact
replica aircraft being flown on original engines! It is really neat to
listen to the sound of an original Mercedes powered D-VII flying with a
Rotary powered D-VIII! They kid the audience that the D-VIII is loud and
they are not kidding! The comment is that it would never sneak up on it's
enemy is true. The burping sound comes from changing the number of magnetos
that the engine is running on. If you ever get the chance to see the Old
Rhinebeck Aerodrome, do so. The shows run every Saturday and Sunday during
the summer. Take a video camera and a still one too! I have about 6 hours of
video of those planes flying, sure it fun to watch!

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