Pegasus 1-1/2 Strutter & Merlin Models

Allan Wright (
Wed, 30 Nov 94 09:16:04 -0800

Pegasus 1 1/2 strutter:
I'm 3/4 the way through finishing mine (Squadron had them for $10
also) and It's right up to Pegasus's regular standard. A deal at $10.
The top wings go together a little tough but can be done. The only
other problem I had was making the W struts - although the more
skilled modelers would probably not have this problem. I still have a
tough time working with that strut stock they give you in the Pegasus

Merlin Models:
I just finished assembling their F.B.5. The only reason I started it was
in desparation for an F.B.5. They make you scratch build the whole
boom and landing gear assy. from strut stock. The provided boom
stock is too flimsy to hold the weight of the tailplane and rudder so I
had to replace with brass tubing. The fueslage pod halves were
unusually thick and not matched and required almost totally reworking
to fit. The lead parts were of good quality with the exception of the
engine which was excellent. The surfaces of the plastic parts were
pretty good and only had a few pits but the tailplane was not fully cast
and I had to fix that. All in all I will have to be very desperate to
attempt another Merlin model......O.K. maybe their Pfaltz Tripe :-)