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He's in - did it this morning.

Here's one of the past articles from the archive on the Eduard SSW



I started working on the Eduard 1/48 Siemens Schuckert D.III over the past
weekend. I had previously built the Koster vac of this plane and at the time
thought the Koster kit was the best WWI kit ever made (pre-DML days). The
kit is very nice and exceeds the quality of the Koster vac in many ways.

1. Better fuselage detail
2. Better wing/tail rib detail
3. Great sheet of photoetch gee-gaws
4. Better instructions
5. Great decal sheet

This is what I would call a "limited run" kit. There is a lot of flash on the
trailing wing edges that requires cutting and sanding. The attachment points
the sprue to the kit pieces is thick and requires careful cutting and cleanup
ensure that the brittle plastic is not cracked. Try a razor saw or a pair of
sharp pastic cutters followed by sandpaper. The fuselage parts are thick and
require some sanding on the uneven interior to make it smooth. The fit of the
bottom fuselage/wing assembly to the main fuselage is not the best and will
require some filling and sanding. Other than that I think it is a great kit.
This is better that their E.III kit - with better quality moldings and surface
detail. You still have the same problem with the flat photoetch interior
but this is easy to correct with styrene rod.

Decals include national markings, upper/lower lozenge strips, upper/lower rib
tapes, and personal markings for 4-5 (?) aircraft.

The kit cost $22 US.