Re: Lozenge Colours

Douglas R. Jones (
Tue, 29 Nov 1994 08:52:46 -0600

Let's go ahead and beat it for a while! The list has been pretty quiet lately!

Seems to me that if the colors are in ranges and there are methods by which
these ranges can be enumerated then it should be possible to convert from
one enumeration to another. In other words if the Mutheun number system has
been used to describe a range of colors then it should be possible to
convert this to a set of FS numbers that describe the same range. This
assumes that there are FS numbers covering a range of colors.

While it is true that it is necessary to recreate the paint scheme of a
particular aircraft for judging purposes, this is not always possible.
Especially for this particular period in aviation history. Thus if I
understand the rules correctly color documentation CAN be drawn from a
recognized set of color representations, ie. the Mutheun, Munthell or FS.

>In other words, you're probably as correct as you're going to get by
>using one of the available decal sets or using any colors within the
>general range of those colors. As long as your colors are reasonably
>close, anybody who claims you're colors are incorrect is merely displaying
>his or her ignorance. Cheers, Bill

There is a lot of truth in your statemnt. But I know of at least one
occurance where this has happened. To me this is probably the trickiest part
of building the documentation package necessary for scale models. Guy, if
you come across such a conversion or list I sure would be interested. In the
mean time I will check my lozenge template plans. Seems to me the data
provided with them gave some suggestions for particular paint colors to be used.

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