Charles Harrison (harrison@mis.smos.com)
Fri, 18 Nov 1994 17:34:12 -0800

It sounds like you may have a story or two worth telling - please don't miss
the opportunity! Especially about operations in Russia. As to the models, I
believe Blue Rider makes a conversion to the DH9. I think I saw some at San
Antonio Hobbies in Palo Alto. Also, if its the plane I'm thinking of, Airfix
makes a Be2c. The others I have no idea about. You might want to contact
Tom's Modelworks in Cupertino - they have a pretty extensive line of WW1
aircraft, as does Roseplanes back east. For addresses, etc., pick up a copy
of Fine Scale Modeller - they're always in there. A final note - you should
be able to get a copy of Over the Front magazine at DandJ Hobby in Campbell
(I hope the usf in your id is San Francisco!). Its the journal of the WWI
Aero Historians. They have a convention for members every two years with a
large number of the "experts" in attendance. You might find that enjoyable,
and I am certain they would like to hear about your father.


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>Subject: Hello
>This is my first posting to this group. I hope there are people out there
>with interests similar to mine, ie WW I scale (and flying) models.
>My interest in actually a bit wider than just modelling. I am doing
>research on the whole area of WW I flying, trying to recover and discover
>something of the life of my father who flew with the RFC/RAF in 1918, and
>in 1919 in Northern Russia. So, besides models, I am collecting books
>(first hand accounts, biography, fiction, poetry, images etc, and general
>information on the subject.
>Perhaps someone can give me some help with a current problem. I am trying
>to locate kits for the following planes that my father flew.
>Airco DH6
>Airco DH9
>Airco DH9A
>Armstrong Whitworth FK8
>If anyone has any info on sources, please let me know.
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