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Douglas R. Jones (
Wed, 16 Nov 94 16:11:12 CST

There are! Trust me there are! And welcome aboard.

>My interest in actually a bit wider than just modelling. I am doing
>research on the whole area of WW I flying, trying to recover and discover
>something of the life of my father who flew with the RFC/RAF in 1918, and
>in 1919 in Northern Russia. So, besides models, I am collecting books
>(first hand accounts, biography, fiction, poetry, images etc, and general
>information on the subject.

I think this is great! A personal connection. I don't have one that I know
of but have spoken with other that do.

>Perhaps someone can give me some help with a current problem. I am trying
>to locate kits for the following planes that my father flew.
>Airco DH6
>Airco DH9
>Airco DH9A
>Armstrong Whitworth FK8

If flying models is your preference as it is mine, I cannot help you much.
There maybe some good FF models of these aircraft (LarryM any ideas?). As
for R/C there are no kits that I am aware of. Bob Holman does carry plans
of some of these aircraft. They are generally English plans. I'll bring his
catalog tomoroow and post the information.

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