Erik Pilawskii (xopowo@u.washington.edu)
Mon, 14 Nov 1994 13:27:20 -0800 (PST)

HI All,

Can anyone recommend a good source for German Lozenge pattern usage? I
know there are several scemes for Daylight-- I'm wondering which goes
with which.

Thanks, Erik
"The Heavens were the grandstands, and only the Gods were spectators. The
stake was the World. The forfeit was the Player's place at the table; and
the Game had no recess. It was the most dangerous of all sports-- and the
most fascinating. It got in the blood like wine. It aged men 40 years in
40 days; it ruined nervous systems in an hour. It was a fast game-- the
average life of a pilot at the Front was 48 hours. And, to many, it
seemed an Age....
Elliot White Springs, WWI ace