Death of red baron

Charles Harrison (
Mon, 07 Nov 1994 09:25:41 -0800

Just an interesting note. I attended the convention of the WWI aero
historians two or so years ago where a lengthy discussion was carried out
showing shot angles, etc. As I remember, the presenter had called Debakey at
Rice University who told him that the wound as it was (through a ventricle
or the aorta as I remember) would not have killed vR for something on the
order of a minute, giving him time to pursue the young pilot he was after,
but then causing him to lose consciousness. As you'll remember, his plane
went gently out of control, not just a nose dive. This clearly gave credit
for the kill to an aviator who had fired at him previously from behind,
above, and to the right, though the name escapes me now (but not Bishop!). I
also remember several folks storming out of the meeting in a huff, so please
remember, this someone else's theory (I really don't have time to get mired
down in minutiae right now).

Also, another expert Smithsonian restorer pointed out that vR's plane was
not the usual scarlet depicted, but rather a maroon due to lamp black being
mixed into the dope (a note for all my fellow modellers).

Happy landings,