Re: Question about Samuel Kaye's Spad

Thu, 27 Oct 1994 15:09:56 EST

> I was wondering - I just started work on Samuel Kaye's Spad XIII
>with easter egg (polka-dot) markigs. Here's my problem: I have two
>color plates of this bird and one has the blue as a sky-blue (like the
>underside color of a Fokker Dr-I) and the other is more of a medium
>blue (Like Rudolph Berthold's Fokker D-VII). Which is correct?

Allan...I can't speak directly to Kaye's plane, but if it's typical of the era
and allied colors, the pale blue is more appropriate. In fact, if the Spad
at Rhinebeck is any indication, it should actually be a bit more pale than
German light blue. Hopefully someone can provide better info than this
but I thought I'd drop this to you just in case nobody does.