Eduard Siemens

Brian Bushe (
24 Oct 1994 16:14:17 +0100

It seems to have gone quiet out there so I thought I'd pop something

Heard recently that the Siemens Schukert (sic?) on the cover of the
Eduard kit has the tail incorrectly coloured red. It should be white
with a standard black cross. As I was considering this scheme could
someone 'confirm or deny' this rumour (no politicians need reply!).

Also regarding the MMP review of the D-VIII's you can't expect them to
be perfictly researched, but it would be nice! I don't think they pay
enough attention to the colour schemes included in the kits, tending
to have too straight a rehash of the construction steps. But I still
have every copy bar the first three.

Any help is greatly appreciated!