Re: DML Fokker D VIII

Mick Fauchon (
Mon, 24 Oct 1994 14:42:57 +1000 (EST)


> Another question I would like to address about this plane is the cockpit.
> DML directions say to paint it interior green. I find this questionable
> and this makes me think twice about the MMP article.

I read the MMP article, and found the whole thing questionable: the
reason he had so much trouble with the ammunition feeds is that he tried to
install them alternately, i.e. one left, one right; might work with the
Vickers, but it won't work with the Mg 08/15.

Anyway, what color
> would this cockpit be? Would you see some lozenge color on the inside?

I'd be happy enough with a greyish-green; you're looking at the
reverse side of either the printed or doped fabric. Never having seen the
other side of the lozenge fabric, I'm quite open to correction by anyone
who has.

> Was there a floor board?

The short answer is: no,, not as such.

And why did DML leave out the instrument panel?

Neither is there an instrument panel as such, though some were mounted
on the back of the ammunition bins, facing the pilot; others were
attached to the cockpit walls.



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