Ansaldo SVA5 - Profile Publications - Mosaic Page

Allan Wright (
Tue, 18 Oct 94 14:53:18 -0700

WWI Modelers,

Thanks for all the great information on the SVA5! I went ahead and
ordered one from Squadron. They had a closet cleaning sale and
released some of them at $10.

Anyone havine any of the old Profile booklets on WWI planes
(Including the SVA5 :) that they would be willing to sell reasonably
let me know. I have a book dealer searching the out for me, for
$5.00 a piece but he only gets them once in a while in small quantities.

I've expanded the informational files section of the Mosaic Page. I've
added information on Magazines and Publications (like the profile
bookletts and windsock datafiles). Any additional information for the
page would be appreciated.

Thanks for your ears.