Re: Ansaldo SVA5

Bill Shatzer (
Sun, 16 Oct 1994 02:05:43 -0400

I don't know if Windsock has done a Datafile on the SVA.5 but the
*very* old Profile series had a nice one on the SVA.5 The markings
and camouflage tended to be absolutely wonderful - green, white, and
red under surface markings and heraldic squadron insignia on the
fuselage sides. Both the Pegasus 1/72 kit and the Artiplast 1/48
kit had decals for a couple of these marvelous squadron markings.
The fuselage tended to be varnished wood (there are exceptions) and
the upper surfaces a mottled green and "yellow" (ochre, light earth,
dark cream - whatever. Unfortunately they didn't publish an FSA 595a
back then.)

The Artiplast/Smer 1/48 kit is OK, I think, but the wing root/fuselage
join takes a *lot* of work. I've got the Pegasus kit and it looks
good but I've not built it so I can't comment on the fit or the finished



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