Pfalz E.I and E.11

Graham Collins (
Fri, 30 Sep 1994 19:37:00 -0400

I just received the July/Aug 1994 issue of Windsock. There are drawings
in 1/48 scale for the Pfalz E.1/E.11 which I find quite interesting as I
have always wanted to build a model of this plane (especially since I
have just recently started to build WWI aircraft again). The drawings
give enough basic information to get me started. But I am perplexed as
in the same issue there is also a bit on the Morane Saulnier Type G in
russian service (also with some nice drawings in 1/48 scale). After
comparing the two sets of drawings I am amazed and confused as to how
much alike the two are. Are the two aircraft in fact copies of each
other (or one of the other)? How do they differ? Where can I get some
reference material on the cockpit of the Pfalz? (forgive my questions, I
have just only recently discovered Windsock and Datafile).

And on another subject, not long ago I posted a request for comments on
the Eduard 1/72 Sopwith Schneider float fighter kit; thanks to all who
responded with their comments. I just received my kit (from squadron on
sale) and I am quite pleased although had I known that the airplane is
going to be released in 1/48 scale I would have waited.


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