More on wing detail.

Vic Annas (
Wed, 21 Sep 94 15:02:48 -0400

One thing that I've not tried, but will on my next vac kit is to
use small diameter Evergreen Styrene for the ribs. I think that this
will be a bit easier to handle than the fishing line. Stretched sprue
may also work. The thing that I don't like about streatched sprue is that
the diameter is rarely consistent. The other thing about styrene is that
it can be glued into place with plastic cement and it may be easier to
fair into the leading edge of the wing than the fishing line. I would
still use CA to form the fillets. I've never had very much luck with
putty. As a result I tend to build a kit as tight as possible so that
I will use the bare minimum of putty. One can never get completly away
from it, but you can get to the place where you use very little.
Again I've never used the styrene, but I think it might be a bit
easier to work with. You will need to play with the diameters to get the
correct size for the ribs. Remember, they will get bigger as you add the
fillets. So you don't want to start with large stock. You will also need
to consider this when you think of the scale your working in. I build
mostly in 1/48th scale and some 1/32nd scale models. I don't have a clue
how well this method would work for a 1/72nd scale bird.
Let me know how this works for you.