Tom's Modelworks News
Mon, 12 Sep 94 12:17:21 -0400

I received a new Tom's Modelworks catalog the other day. It contained the follwoing notice:

"All the 1/48 scale WW I kits will be taken out of production at the end of this year.
In an effort to reduce stock on hand we are offering the following savings to the customer.
Purchase 2 or more kits and receive free shipping, a $5.00 savings. Purchase 4 kits
and receive free shipping and a fifth kit, this is a $25.00 savings.

Purchase 2 or more of our 1/32 scale kits and receive the Nieuport 24/27 conversion kit free.

Time pressures have caused us to drop the aircraft kit line. These kits will not go back into
production for at least five years if at all."

I'll post a list of 1/48 scale kits time permitting.