Thanks for the info.......

Vic Annas (
Thu, 8 Sep 94 17:10:57 -0400

Thanks for the posts gang. I've been off line for the past few
days trying to recover from jet lag. It's not been pretty. At any rate,
I did find a photo of Immelmanns EIII. It seemed to be "run of the mill".
As Mick had said it was all tangled in barbed wire. I think that his EIV
might prove to be more interesting though. As best I can tell it was the
plane with the three MG's. I know that Boelke's Eindekker was a deviation
from the standard. The cooling holes in the front of the cowl and the
streamlined cockpit decking make it a real neat lookin bird. I've been
tempted to build it, but I've not pulled up the courage to do it yet.
Later on and farther out.................