Immelman's EIV

Allan Wright (
Thu, 8 Sep 94 09:07:35 -0700

I checked the book on my boondoggle last afternoon (o.k. maybe I
was just skivving off) and alas, the picture I remembered in it was not
there - the good news is that it must be on one of the books in my
personal collection - I'll have to go through it over the weekend and
try to find it. I remember it was a cockpit view or view from in front
of the airscrew that plainly showed the three guns and decking.

Fot those of you that are interested the book I checked is excellent for
close up pictures of guns and mountings on all sorts of WWI aircraft.
Amazing detail - great for modellers. Lots of cockpit views of DH2s
and other early puhsers as well as many unusual gun mountings.
The title of the book is:


by: Harry Woodman
Pub: Smithsonian Press
ISBN: 0-87474-994-8
Published: 1989