MMP review of Eduard's DVIII
Wed, 07 Sep 1994 00:52:28 -0400 (EDT)

Highlights-detailed photoetch cockpit that fits with no trimming! Overall fit
is very good (with a few exceptions). Beautiful decal sheet with options for
six planes (4 German-Jastas 6(2 of them), 10 and 36) and postwar Polish
(pictured in Flugzeug April/Mai 1989) and Dutch with orange circles. Includes
stencilling for planes 152, 197 and 154. Lozenge decals are the same as the
SSW DIII kit. (The reviewer comments that the lozenge is too large for the
Fokker and look out of scale.)

Nitpicks-vague instructions and documentation especially for cockpit detail.
The white of the decals is very opaque and the lozenge either shows though or
the white comes off very dingy. (I have noticed this about other Propagteam
decals) No white metal engine is included like other Eduard kits, only a so-so
plastic one (at least that's what the picture looks like.) Also, photo-
etched spoked wheels are included, but are too short for the tires provided.
It looks like a good deal of filing is needed on the wings due to Eduard's
low injection trees. Horizontal stabilizer braces are not included. Got to
build yourself.

Overall, MMP gave it 4 and 1/2 planes on a scale of five (same rating they
gave to SSW DIII) I made one of Koster's vacuforms and didn't seem to have
nearly as many problems as this reviewer seemed to have with Eduard's. But
then again Koster's didn't come with a beautiful PE cockpit. I am still
waiting for DML's. Has anyone one seen one yet? A number of ads in recent
model magazines have been advertising them, but I haven't seen it in the shops
around here.

Plug for MMP - an excellent magazine that must have a WWI buff on the payroll.
Almost every issue has at least one or two WWI planes. Past issues have
included DML's SPAD, JMGT's Hanriot HD1, Pegasus' Pfalz DIIIa, and Eduard's
SSW DIII. They can be contacted through email at and (one of the few able to contact through email) Next month's issue will
include reviews of DML's DVIII, Pegasus' DXII. Overseas subs *only* cost
$65US! They stiff us for $47.

Jeff (