Re: Smer's DH2

Bill Shatzer (
Tue, 6 Sep 1994 02:40:44 -0400

The Merit Aurora rip-off kits originally came out in the late '50's
or early '60's. The current production by SMER has got to be
setting a record for the longest more-or-less continuous production
of any single molds.

Except for the decals, there has been *NO* change in these kits for
over 30 years. They are truly the "living fossils" of the plastic
kit industry. Incidently, "Windsock" in volume 1 or 2 did an article
on building the Merit/Aliplast/SMER DH-2 - significant and extensive
work is required to turn this into a reasonably accurate model but it
can be done.



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