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Mick Fauchon (
Tue, 6 Sep 1994 12:16:53 +1000 (EST)

Hi, Jeff.

> I spent most of today (Labor Day) shaving and sanding off the roundels
> molded onto the wings of SMER's DH2.

If you think that's bad, try shaving the crosses off their Albatros.

I am curious to know who I have to thank.
> Was this originally an Aurora kit or a later Artiplast one.

Mostly you have Aurora to thank, or even Merit [which were copies
of Aurora]. Aurora's moulds, so the story goes, were bought up by Artiplast,
who re-issued some kits without the raised markings, but obviously not the
DH. Artiplast were then bought out by Smer. At least, that's the story as
I got it.

I know Smer > bought their models some time ago. I was surprised by the fit of this kit,
> especially for its age.

In point of fact, they're reasonable kits, if a little gross by
modern standards. They're a good basis if you're not spoiled enough not
to mind doing a bit of work on them 80).
To my mind, the best of Aurora's offerings was their Halberstadt
CLII....... and, no, I'm not selling mine!80)

> By the way, MMP magazine had a review of Eduard's new Fokker DVIII. Sounds
> like lots of problems.

For those of us who don't get it [i.e. MMP], how about a few insights.

I am waiting for DML's.

I thought it had already been released in the 'States? No?

> Any help with the origins of the SMER kit will be appreciated.

Hopefully, we've tidied that one up 80). [Thought it would'nt surprise
me if Revellogram had/will have a finger in the pie as well.]



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