Immelmann's EIV

Vic Annas (
Wed, 31 Aug 94 15:47:06 EDT

Hi gang, Wie Gehts?
I was hoping that someone might have some more information on Max
Immelmanns Fokker EIV. The Profile on the Fokker Monoplanes shows that
he had ordered a special EIV built with three LMG.08 guns mounted and
sychronized. The werks number is 385. The photo of this plane only shows
the front, head on view. I know that Oswald Boelke EIV 174/16. The really
interesting thing about this bird is that it was armed with twin spandaus
and he had a streamlined cockpit decking added to it. I was wondering if
Immelmanns EIV 385 had this type of decking as well. I can't find any other
photos of Immelmann's eindekkers that would confirm or deny this speculation.
Another interesting thing that I came across was the recently released
Arms and Armor book on the Fokker Triplane and written by Alex Imrie. On
the jacket there is an artist rendering of Kritsteins tripe. It's not the
paint scheme that I normally see. It shows the black and white stripes on
the plane, but they are not in the chevron pattern. Does anyone know if
this artwork is correct? If it is, it sure is a nice diversion from the
normal run of the mill.
Later on and farther out......................