Mosaic/Gopher Site

Allan Wright (
Wed, 31 Aug 94 09:41:28 -0700

Hello modelers,

I am sorry about the confusion my last post caused. Just so we all
are on the same wavelength I'll explain what's going on....

1) The mailing list will not change - we still will use it the same as we
have been. It's easy and works - why fix it?

2) INSTEAD of making digests every so often and posting them to
this list and Rec.Models.Scale I have created a Gopher/Mosaic/WWW
Site where past articles, pictures, and other informational files can
be stored and retrieved. The past posts from this mailing list can be
searched on-line and retrieved from there.

I hope this makes things more clear - thanks - I will make sure the
mosaic/gopher site is updated weekly with the articles from the list.

-Allan Wright