Re: Hadley Page O/400 in 1/72, Neuport Tripe, New Magazine
Wed, 17 Aug 94 11:28:28 -0400

Didn't Matchbox make a Hadley Page O/400 in 1/72 scale at one time?
I think I remember seeing this in old issues of Scale Modeler from
the late 70's. Does anyone know what the normal price would be on
this kit on the use market? If it's reasonable I'd like to try to pick one

I see it every now and then at IPMS contest vendor tables.

Maybe what we need to do is set up a Wnated List

This would contain what models/books/etc people are looking
for, what price they are willing to pay, and contact info.

I'll volunteer to maintain it as long as I have Internet

Send your wants, top price, and name-email-phone-address
info to me at

Also, maybe we could set up a disposal list of items people
want to sell/trade.