Hadley Page O/400 in 1/72, Neuport Tripe, New Magazine

Allan Wright (AEW@unh.edu)
Wed, 17 Aug 94 11:25:45 -0700

Fellow modelers,

Didn't Matchbox make a Hadley Page O/400 in 1/72 scale at one time?
I think I remember seeing this in old issues of Scale Modeler from
the late 70's. Does anyone know what the normal price would be on
this kit on the use market? If it's reasonable I'd like to try to pick one

Also, I've done a little more reading on the Neuport Triplane. It was
not the 24bis as I originally thought. It was designated the 11-C and
I don't think it ever got past a single prototype. The wing configuration
is really unique with the top wing behind the piolt bht the bottom two
below the pilot in front of him staggared foward . . . Wierd. Well I think
I might kit bash a couple ESCI 17c kits to make one of these birds.
Any suggestions? I'd use a Neuport 11 kit but don't know where I'd
get one reasonable. This is a rather radical project doomed for many
failures before I get it right and would rather not spend big bucks on
the constituant parts for my first attempt.

One last note: Challenge Publications, Inc of 7950 Deering Ave.,
Canoga Park CA 91304 is publishing a magazine called "Aces and
Aircraft of the Great War" They only have put out two issues so far
but it seems great. They do a couple articles on pilots and feature
a detailed article about one plane. Color pictures: 6-8 pages B+W
pictures throughout - all glossy. Not quite detailed enough to use as
a sole source for a project (not everyone can be as good as Windsock)
but a really good magazine. I have no affiliation with them I just want
everyone to know. Heck if we all buy it maybe they'll continue
publishing it.