unsolicited graphics

Bill Shatzer (aw177@freenet.carleton.ca)
Fri, 12 Aug 1994 00:43:10 -0400

Now, if I know a megabyte GIF is coming and I want it, no problem!
I'll log on right away and down load it. *But*, if I don't know
its coming, I may not log on for several days and, in the meantime,
the GIF has completely filled my mailbox and my other e-mail has
been "returned to sender".

This is not a flame, just pointing out a potential problem.

Cheers, Bill

PS: The latest "Over the Front" has a *great* article on German
naval hexagon camouflage and the W.29. I recommend it highly!

"Don't honk as you pass me on the information superhighway - I'm
 pedaling as fast as I can!!"

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