First image transfer how did it go?

Vic Annas (
Thu, 11 Aug 94 15:15:45 EDT

I just sent you the first image of the halberstadt CL. IV.
Let me know how it went. If there are any truncations, we will
break the image into parts and send it to you. I have scaned 5 images
into the computer and saved them as GIF files. These have been uuencoded
for transfer over the net. We have uudecode that can be sent up to you
so these images can be viewed. There are 3 images of the Halberstadt,
halb1, halb2, halb3, and 2 images of the Neuport 28. They are listed as
neu1 and neu2. If you post them to the list the photo credits of the
Neuport should go to Dennis E. Sparks. He took them about a month ago.
The colors of the Neuport 28 are a bit dark in the scaned image. The
cowling is blue and white. It tended to show up more black than blue.