the best pilot

Victor G Annas (
Thu, 11 Aug 94 15:03:59 EDT

Well guys I started this mess I suppose I should be the one to
take the rap for it. I agree that who was the "best pilot" or the
"greatest pilot" is a purely subjective thing. What I have come to
understand about all of this is that the machines really don't have
much meaning in of themselves. In other words the pilots gave them a
certain character that the a/c would not have otherwise had. The biggest
'downer that I ever had was walking up to an Me 262 for the first time.
I realized that it was not the airplane that I was into, but the people
who made them what they are. The airplanes were in a lot of ways just
a tool that was used in the war to carry out given objectives. I just
don't think that they would be much more without the pilots who flew
them and brought back their stories. I understand that this is a highly
subjective point and not everyone will or should agree, but thats the way
I see it.
Later on and farther out..........................