German Staaken bombers

Victor G Annas (
Mon, 8 Aug 94 10:23:16 EDT

Gott in Himmel! Deise Flugzeug ist gross.

I came across some information this weekend on the Staaken bombers
that were bnilt by the germans during WWI. These things are really big. My
best guess would put them 1/3rd again bigger than the Gothas. Talk about a
great big menacing German bomber! I don't know of a kit that has been built
of this kite, but it sure would be interesting to see one of these things.
With a 130 foot wingspan, they are 30 feet longer than the B-24's of WWII.
If anyone out there knows where one could get a set of drawings for one of
these, it would make a great scatch building project. For now I plan to
stick with the Gotha, but later next year.......... Something to think
about for sure.
Later on and farther out....