Americal sources.

Victor G Annas (
Fri, 5 Aug 94 17:05:43 EDT

Jesse, Thanks for the information on the Americal loz decaling. Do
you happen to have the address? I've never used their decals before, but
I'm game to try them on this Gotha. The original instruction sheet recommends
painting the loz on and provides a template that you cut out and fit to the
surface of the model. When I saw these templates, they reminded me of a quote
from General Custer at Little Big Horn. "Boys; I don't like the look of this."
Unlike Custer I hope to go at this Gotha loz a bit differently. Americal may
be the best alternative.
I was interested to see that you found the fuselage shape not quite
right. After close inspection, I see what you mean. I agree with your
assesment of it, but I think that this too can be fixed. The bottom wing
will be another story though. Any ideas on how to attack this sucker? My
best guess is to just kitbash the snot out of it. My quote for this kit:
The bigger they are, the harder they fall.