Profile on the Gotha

Victor G Annas (
Fri, 5 Aug 94 10:18:18 EDT

Last night I started to look through my profile on the Gothas. It
would seem that there were many Gothas and none were exactly the same. At
a glance it would seem that the old Aroura kit could be built up as a G.Va
with a minimum of modifications. There is a photo of one of these birds
on the ground with the tail gunner pointing his parabellum machine gun
through the fuselage hole in the bottom of the a/c. This also shows the
plane in the eratic loz camo. Would this camo been the day scheme or the
nighttime scheme? The artist rendering in the front suggests day colors.
The profile has a full spread of a G.III 398/16, and from the
looks of this it seems that the kit can be made into a G.III. It looks
like the model has the basic shape of the Gotha, its just missing the
finer points that would make it a really nice one.