Victor G Annas (
Thu, 4 Aug 94 14:32:30 EDT

Hi gang,
I just came upon a find ;) An old Aroura Gotha bomber. It's all
there and in excellent condition. The fella asked how much it was worth,
and I replied that I wasn't sure, but I could find out. He said "would
you give me five bucks for it?" I told him I would give him ten. So
I have a 1/48th scale Gotha for my slowly growing collection. The only
question is is what type of Gotha is this kit. It doesn't match any of
the outlines in the Profile publication on the Gotha bombers. Another
question is were there any Gothas that carried the Loz camo sceams. I
know that Super Scale International has a "Nightime Loz scheme that would
be kinda neat on this goose. However I don't know if there were any planes
that carried it. the other consideration is how much would I need to
modify the kit to build up a descent Gotha. I have never seen any other
1/48 scale Gothas on the market, so I suspect this is the only game in town.
Anyone out there ever build one of these things? Let me know how you went
about building it. I don't think that this one will work straight out
of the box. ANy help would be appreciated.