Re: Q's about Flying Wires.
Thu, 04 Aug 94 12:24:46 -0400

> I'd like to get some ideas on what I could use for flying wires. I just
>hate thread; it collects dust even in an enclosed case. I've been useing
>monofiliment fishing line and stretched sprue, but looking at a couple of
>planes last night I thought that this could be improved upon. I'm considering
>thin brass wire. Has anyone used this? If so, how well did it work? I
>have seen flying wires on a few Biplanes in the area, and they all have
>flat sections to help cut the air. It's hard to tell from photos if WWI
>kites had this or not.
>Thanks for the help.

I have not yet used brass wire but someone at my local club does and gets greate