EIII wingless wonders

Brian Bushe (brian@emu.harrier.com)
03 Aug 1994 17:49:50 +0100

Unfortunately Mick was right. From that time check today I assume
that's Newcastle, Aus, not UK Mick. Anyway a quick count along the
wings showed a missing span, and a quick measurement showed the span
to be short by exactly that amount. I didn't have time to do too much
more at 2 am so forgive me (or my alcoholic sister). Anyway I am
gutted because I've decaled and weathered the little monster (notice
how my prior affection for Eduard has disappeared?-only joking, the
kit is still fun to build and should be an eyectcher). The only fix
would be to cut the wing in two, but where would be best? I had
thought this would be a relatively painful intro to both ww1 and
limited run kits. Hope the Siemens is easier because I couldn't resist

BTW how have you experts finished the cowling, with that strange
patterned effect? The ideas I've come up with seem ludicrous to me!

Other point, could anyone point me at a reference to the purple/green
Austrian (Navy?) finish I picked?